The School of Modern Spirituality

Young-man-Taking-Coursedelivers the education none of us got but all of us desperately need.

Modern Spirituality courses don't just toss you nice sounding philosophical theories. Every moment of every program is 100% designed to help expand your experience of reality, the reality of this moment (what you just touched), not the "virtual" reality created by your ego-driven mind. You know that virtual world, where something is always wrong and there's never enough money, time, love, etc.

The School of Modern Spirituality treats you with the respect you deserve. You're an individual. You're unique. You have special soul needs that no one else does. That's why course facilitators are available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you through our user-friendly course materials.

"I'm simply stunned with the profound difference this course has made
in my marriage relationship. Not only has that relationship improved
but pressing health problems now seem much more manageable and...
well, I could go on and on. I enrolled to deepen my understanding
of spiritual things but I never expected to get so much practical value too.
Bottom line? I'm happy again!"

-BG, Virginia

Modern Spirituality Courses

Books-Icon-Laptop-Conceptwere created by spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon. From your first encounter with this remarkable man, via course videos, audios and meditation CD's, you'll realize that you are experiencing empowerment.

There's so much more than words and concepts. It's an experience.

This is why Master Charles Cannon is called "master." He is a masterful human being, having invested almost five decades wholly devoted to spiritual study and teaching others. He imbues every course with his "holistic state of being." You will feel the subtle encouragement of each empowerment.

Every course is abundant with time-honored wisdom updated for a Western audience and represents the absolute leading edge in the evolution of consciousness on this planet in 2013.

From Seeker to Master, The Way is Open!

Why would you take a Modern Spirituality course?

The unique combination of spiritual wisdom with practical guidance can turn your daily life from wearying challenge to enlightening opportunity.

Master Charles Cannon's penetrating truths can awaken your remembrance... that you are already enlightened! And, that there's so much more.

All courses come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied that your studies have contributed significantly to your personal growth, your tuition will be fully refunded.

Courses cost less than the price of a latte and muffin a few times a week.

Each course contributes towards your certification as a Modern Spirituality Teacher. Ask your facilitator for details if you are interested in assisting others.

RecognitionsRecognitions Program

Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life. Study materials are facilitated on-line and in live teleconferences by Certified Synchronicity Teachers.

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Modern Spirituality CoursesModern Spirituality Courses

Video, audio, transcripts, study materials, guidance and grading by your facilitator. Seven specific courses, guiding each student towards life mastery. All seven courses are included in the Circle of One.

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Synchronicity TVSynchronicity TV

Current and archived videos of Master Charles Cannon by monthly subscription. Monthly presentations by Synchronicity Certified Teachers addressing provocative themes. Regular webcasts and live interactive on-line events are free to subscribers. Modern Spirituality TV is part of the Circle of One.

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Modern Spirituality CoursesPersonal Mentoring with Master Charles Cannon

Monthly mentoring is for the responsible student who places ultimate value on their personal spiritual growth. Enrollment in the Recognitions Program is a pre-requisite and your facilitator can answer questions about this special program.

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