Investing in Your Soul's Growth

A-Senior-Couple-Taking-School-CourseLife is challenging. You have bills to pay, kids to raise, relationships to nurture, health problems... not to mention the big issues like our struggling economy, dysfunctional political system, climate change, etc.

Who has time for spirituality? Well, you do. When? Right now.

Forget about all those challenges for just a moment. And forget about what you think this site is. Focus your attention and become super aware of your breathing. In... out... Let everything else go. Just breathe, deeply and fully.

Again. In... out... Feel relaxation flooding through your body, calming your mind, soothing your emotions. Feel deeper, how your very soul is thanking you.

It's that easy.

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Courses Offered:

RecognitionsRecognitions Program - Advanced Meditation

Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life. Study materials are facilitated on-line and in live teleconferences by Certified Synchronicity Teachers.

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Modern Spirituality CoursesModern Spirituality Courses

Video, audio, transcripts, study materials, guidance and grading by your facilitator. Seven specific courses, guiding each student towards life mastery. All seven courses are included in the Circle of One.

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Modern Spirituality TVModern Spirituality TV

Current and archived videos of Master Charles Cannon by monthly subscription. Monthly presentations by Synchronicity Certified Teachers addressing provocative themes. Regular webcasts and live interactive on-line events are free to subscribers. Modern Spirituality TV is part of the Circle of One.

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Modern Spirituality CoursesPersonal Mentoring with Master Charles Cannon

Monthly mentoring is for the responsible student who places ultimate value on their personal spiritual growth. Enrollment in the Recognitions Program is a pre-requisite and your facilitator can answer questions about this special program.

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