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Seven one month on-line courses with video, audio, transcripts, study materials, and guidance / grading by your facilitator. 24/7 access. Join the Circle of One and start your courses today!!!

MiddleAge-Happy-Coupel-Taking-Course"We welcome you to this adventure in spiritual education.
The enlightening journey ahead will enrich your
life and bless those you most care about,
as you continue awakening to your unique potential
to express yourself with the power, the love,
and the genius that is already present within you,
simply awaiting release."

- Master Charles Cannon and the Synchronicity Faculty

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Course Curriculum

Lilly on Water. Introduction to Modern spiritualityCourse One: Your Introduction to Modern Spirituality

An overview of the entire series with succinct takeaways on each theme. How to live with a spiritual focus in a material world.

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Virtual Reality. Holistic Model of realityCourse Two: A New World: The Holistic Model of Reality

The instruction manual for living that none of us got. How to become whole in a fragmented world.

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Modern Meditation TechniquesCourse Three: Leading with Experience: High-Tech Meditation

The absolute cutting edge in sonic meditation technology that meditates you! Stillness and peace for every mind.

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Health Well Being Healthy LifestyleCourse Four: The New Normal: Practicing the Holistic Lifestyle

Providing a detailed and thorough understanding of how to actualize your own life fulfillment... and be happy for no reason.

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Consciousness Emotions Heart field Mind FieldCourse Five: The Creation of Reality: The Mind-field and the Heart-field

How exactly is your “reality” created? Experience the interaction of Individuated and Universal Consciousness.

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Socratic Process of conflict ResolutionCourse Six: Break Through to Reality: The Socratic Process of Conflict Resolution

Forget about finding answers. Living in the right questions is what resolves conflict and creates lasting happiness.

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Personal Mentoring Master Charles GuruCourse Seven: Guidance and Leadership: The Role of the Master

Guidance from known into unknown: How to best utilize the teaching of a spiritual master without traveling to India.

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From Seeker to Master, The Way is Open

"The first class blew my mind and
I love the way each course module leads into the next.
I’m about half way through right now and already experiencing dramatic changes
in just about every aspect of my life. I appreciate how practical these teachings are!"

-WW, Oregon

Young-man-Taking-Course-22A Seven Course Spiritual Feast

The Modern Spirituality Curriculum consists of seven courses, designed to be taken in sequence as each builds on the one before. You move at your own speed and may sign up for your next course upon completion of its predecessor.

Effective participation requires a computer, basic computer skills, and ready access to the Internet with a swift internet connection such as DSL or a cable modem.

Each course includes:

- weekly video class dialogues

- personal reading and reflection

- asking online questions

- test questions for learning retention

- participation in online community sharing and discussion

- practice of High-Tech Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle and experiential focusing techniques

- Live chat assistance from course facilitators

"There are plenty of on-line courses out there and I’ve taken more than a few of them.
Unfortunately, at least for me, while the information might have been interesting,
looking back, I didn’t really apply what I thought I learned. This course is SO different.
I’m living what I’m learning every moment of every day!"


School-Teacher-GraphicHelp is a Click Away

Master Charles Cannon and the Modern Spirituality School Faculty are committed to helping you when you need it and will respond to your online postings within 48 hours, usually sooner. Plus, there is a discussion area for each course and live chat assistance with course facilitators as available. You may also phone our Spiritual Hot Line for urgent assistance.

Course Conduct:

By participating in this course, you agree:

1. To accept full responsibility for any comments that you submit;

2. To ask questions and post comments only for purposes of the course;

3. To not post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability;

4. To not post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right; and, not to use, copy, or share content from this site in any way beyond what is needed to complete a course, without written permission from Synchronicity Foundation.

5. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

To review the full Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality Conduct Policy, click here.


Only participants in your course will be able to enter the class "space" and participate in discussions. Your postings will only be viewable by other students in your class. Private questions can be sent to Synchronicity Staff who will monitor and participate in class discussions. Your class test results are private.

School-IconsCourse Credits:

Upon completion of the Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality 7-course curriculum you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your high level of personal attainment in modern spiritual studies. You are also eligible to become a Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Group Leader. All that is required is an expressed interest followed by a telephone session with Synchronicity’s Director of Teacher Training for additional instruction. You may also become a Synchronicity Affiliate, which enables you to sell Synchronicity holistic products and receive a commission from such sales. Such products are helpful in supporting the evolutionary journey of those with whom you may interact.

You are also qualified to become a Synchronicity Certified Teacher by completing the 3-day intensive teacher training program at Synchronicity Sanctuary. You will also receive a 15% discount in the course fee.

Online Tests:

Online tests to validate personal learning are posted with each class. To pass a test requires a minimum score of 60%. All test results are private.

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Recommended Texts:

  1. Modern Spirituality: The Power of Balanced Living, High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle by Master Charles Cannon with Will Wilkinson.
  2. The Bliss of Freedom by Master Charles Cannon.
  3. Forgiving the Unforgivable by Master Charles Cannon with Will Wilkinson.

All are available from Synchronicity Foundation. See our Products Catalogue on our website.

Courses are included in the Circle of One.