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Course Three: Leading With Experience - High-Tech Meditation

Presenters: Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Faculty

Meditation is humanity's most time-honored technique for creating balance but in these noisy times traditional meditative techniques are simply no longer as effective as they once were. This is why Master Charles Cannon used technology to create a modern form of sound based meditation that helps to overcome the modern hazards of high stress lifestyles, electronic pollution, etc.

Courses are included in the Circle of One.


Samantha-Guevara-51Class One: The Mechanics of Meditation

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon delineates the mechanics of meditation as a balancing technique. Balance is what determines your experience of wholeness and fulfillment. Meditation increases balance between the outer and the inner, therefore meditators inevitably increase their experience of wholeness and fulfillment, the moment they close their eyes. Meditation is experienced in this class, via the audio tracks provided, and explained relative to the holistic model of reality and the mechanics of consciousness that were considered in course two.

Class Two: High-Tech Meditation

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon teaches the history of meditation and how he came to create a modern, technology-based form of meditation that has achieved world-acclaim for its precision effectiveness. You will gain an understanding of why simply closing your eyes immediately begins to increase balance and why using a technology like High-Tech meditation accelerates your evolution by helping to transform brain wave patterns towards those of the veteran meditator, and in record time.

synchheadtransparent3Class Three: Human Brainwaves and the Principle of Entrainment

Presenter: Dr. Phil Duncan

Dr. Phil Duncan, President of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, presents a detailed presentation on how High-Tech Meditation actually works, by enhancing brainwaves courtesy of entrainment technology by Master Charles Cannon. Over time, the meditator using this technology steadily develops an “awakened mind” brainwave pattern.


Class Four: How Meditation Changes Your Brain

Presenter: Dr. Phil Duncan

This class expands into a scientific perspective on how meditation changes your brain. Far beyond mere relaxation, true meditation alters brain wave patterns and enhances your personal “field,” building the personal power required to experience wholeness and fulfillment for yourself.

Class Five: Live Interactive Audio Teleconference

In this final class, you are invited to join the Synchronicity Staff for a live interactive session, accessed on line or by phone. The theme of the course will be briefly reviewed and faculty perspectives added, then student questions will be addressed and completed. You may participate by listening only, submitting questions before or during the session, and interacting with staff and students in live format.

As with every course, you are welcome to continue the conversation through questions and access class material until the end of the month at which point you are welcome to continue your study of Modern Spirituality through the next course.

Course Credits:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion.

A diploma from the School of Modern Spirituality will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of the curriculum courses. Such certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Meditation Group Leader or a Certified Synchronicity Teacher. For more information, click here

Courses are included in the Circle of One.