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Course Five: The Creation of Reality - The Mind-field and the Heart-field

Presenters: Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Faculty

Young-Woman-at-Home-Taking-CourseThis course challenges your concepts about reality. What is real? What is illusion? The ancient teachings illuminate that consciousness consists of two vertical polarities - individuated and universal. These correspond to three dense and three subtle dimensions, respectively. Although they must be constantly interactive for life to be experienced, individuated consciousness is limited to the dense dimensionality of physical, mental and emotional while universal consciousness is unlimited and described as "the field of all possibility."

The yearning for freedom and expansion that all of us feel, for something as profound as spiritual enlightenment to something as delightfully human as wanting another slice of chocolate cake, actually relates to our individuated consciousness longing for greater interaction with universal consciousness. But, as you will learn during this revelatory course, the universal can only "download" to individuated consciousness that which is self-referential to it in any moment.

In daily experience, this means that your ego-driven mind with its illusory database is able to block access to this longing. How? By interfering with the medium by which you experience this expansion, known as the "truthful heart-field." This fascinating class explains how these two fields interact and how the heart-field - as the center of individuated consciousness – plays a role as the gateway to universal consciousness. It is the balance of the two that results in holistic fulfillment and that's your goal.

Courses are included in the Circle of One.


Heart-and-Mind-FieldClass One: The Mind-field and Heart-field, An Introduction

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon expands the conversation about the two vertical polarities of the relative field to include two complementary horizontal polarities which, all together, constitute the four quadrants of what is known as the Holistic Model of Reality. He discusses the problem of the incoherent mind-field versus the coherent heart-field and their often dysfunctional relationship. He concludes by describing how to balance the two in order to more fully experience the eternal “now” of true reality.

Class Two: The Mind-field of the Involutionary and Evolutionary Cycles

Presenters: Synchronicity Faculty

The faculty now review the themes presented by Master Charles Cannon and elaborate for clarity of understanding and application. The immediate focus is primarily on the mechanics of the human mind-field, its creation by the ego-driven mind, and the resultant illusory database. In other words, what’s going on in your busy head!

You will discuss how the mind-field blocks the heart-field, along with the resultant limitation in interaction between individuated and universal consciousness. Supplemental material will simplify these theories in application, reminding you of the many times you have been on either side of this challenging mind/heart relationship (going with your heart or stuck in your head).

Class Three: Understanding the Heart-field as the Gateway to Universal Consciousness

Presenters: Synchronicity Faculty

This class focuses on the coherent heart-field and its suppression throughout the involutionary cycle by the mind-field. The presentation then progresses to outline the way the heart-field opens during the evolutionary cycle and the resultant, increased interaction between individuated and universal consciousness to become your experience of true reality. Most students find, at this point, that they feel they are really beginning to grasp a new understanding of how their day-to-day “reality” is being created by the interaction between their minds and hearts, and they feel newly empowered to begin consciously developing a more satisfying life experience.

school1Class Four: Answering Questions about the Mind-field and Heart-field

Presenters: Synchronicity Faculty

This class is always lively. Students are able to ask questions and Synchronicity faculty explain the mechanics of this internal relationship, summarizing the truthful concepts presented in the first three classes and further clarifying them for application in your life. This is when the theories come to life, when they become your experience. The discussion is supplemented with answers to previous student questions.

Class Five: Live, Interactive Audio Teleconference

In this final class, you will join the Synchronicity Faculty in a live interactive teleconference, accessible on line or by phone. The theme of the course will be briefly reviewed and final perspectives added. All student questions will be addressed and answered. You may participate by listening only, submitting questions before or during the session, and interacting with staff and students during the live program.

As with every course, you are welcome to continue the conversation through questions and access class material until the end of the month at which point you are welcome to continue your study of Modern Spirituality through the next course.

Course Credits:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion.

A diploma from the School of Modern Spirituality will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of the curriculum courses. Such certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Meditation Group Leader or a Certified Synchronicity Teacher. For more information, click here

Courses are included in the Circle of One.