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Modern Spirituality Courses
Practical Spirituality for the World of Today

Course One: Introduction to Modern Spirituality


Presenters: Master Charles Cannon

This first course has eight distinct classes, one to introduce each in the entire series plus a live completion teleconference. In some ways, this is also the most important course because it provides such a thorough overview of Modern Spirituality and sets the stage for everything that follows. Most students can easily complete all eight classes in this first course within the month.

Courses are included in the Circle of One.


Class One: Mastering the Experience of Being Human

You will meet Master Charles Cannon, the creator of this course, via video. Authentic masters are often imagined to be restricted to remote locations, like caves in India. But Master Charles established his sanctuary in Virginia and has translated time-honored Eastern wisdom for a Western audience, at the bidding of his own master, Swami Muktananda Paramahansa , known by many as “the guru’s guru.”

Through many years of study with Muktananda, Master Charles actualized his own authentic mastery and, in this remarkable course, offers a truthful understanding of modern spirituality and guides you through practical applications to actualize the experience of the world flowing within you. This is a rare opportunity to experience a spiritual master at work, to enjoy his holistic empowerment permeating your being as you watch and listen.

Education-onlineClass Two: A Truthful Instruction Manual for Life

Don’t we all wish we’d received an instruction manual for life? Well, here’s the foreword, an introduction to the Holistic Model of Reality. You’ll marvel at this description of how consciousness operates. It might be described as a simple map for how life works. In fact, but largely unknown to Westerners, Holistic Models of Reality form the basis of all the great wisdom traditions. Here in class two of this first course, Master Charles presents his modern translation of the most complete of all the Holistic Models of Reality in a carefully designed format for easy comprehension.

Class Three: The Necessity of Meditation

You may already be a meditator, you may not be. Regardless, the world you live in is very different from the one where great masters of the past initiated seekers and guided them towards mastery. Stress, electronic pollution, noise, etc. all interfere with establishing and maintaining the deep meditative state.

This is why Master Charles Cannon created High-Tech Meditation, a precision sonic entrainment technology that delivers whole-brain synchrony and empowers the experience of wholeness and fulfillment. This makes meditation easy and actually helps change your brain, developing patterns found in veteran meditators.

LilyClass Four: Why Meditation is Not Enough

As powerful as meditation may be, it alone cannot deliver the balance necessary for your consistent enlightening experience. In this class, Master Charles Cannon discusses the mechanics of the Holistic Lifestyle in actualizing the Holistic Model of Reality (which you studied in class two). This focuses on creating balance physically, emotionally and mentally. The practical exercises woven throughout his presentation are designed to develop a dramatically increased personal experience of balance and wholeness.

Class Five: Awakening from the Dream

Master Charles Cannon explains how “reality” is created. He outlines the relationship between individuated consciousness and universal consciousness and how chaotic thinking obscures heart wisdom. As you practice the holistic lifestyle and balance increases, the “mind-field” is disempowered while the “heart-field” is fully actualized. This facilitates your truthful interaction with universal consciousness.

The stories you tell about who you are and what life is – created by your ego-driven mind - interfere with your experience of truth. As you learn to relinquish those illusory stories, you begin to glimpse the magnificent truth of yourself, particularly as you utilize the experiential applications woven throughout this class.

Class Six: Freeing Ourselves from the Prison of Our Data

The sixth class expands into a process of learning how to identify truthful versus illusory data within those stories you tell about who you are and what life is. Socrates' driving principle is that almost everything you think you know is not true—it is simply not real. Thus, the reality you create is “virtual.” In other words, you and most of us, are living a dream.

In this class, Master Charles Cannon thoroughly delineates the mechanics of illusion and how the deliberate relinquishment of your illusory stories empowers your awakening journey. This leaves you with more truthful data, about yourself and the world. Next, you examine that data to determine if it actually delivers the experience of blissful consciousness. If not, then it too must be relinquished. Supplemented by powerful techniques of wakefulness, this class awakens you to the power of your own evolving wholeness as “an experience whose time has come.”

Yong-Man-with-Taking-CourseClass Seven: Why a Holistic Guide is Required

Learn about the role of the master in the evolution of human consciousness in the 21st Century. The authentic master is honored in all wisdom traditions as an empowering evolutionary necessity for illusion-bound individuated consciousness to truthfully see itself and evolve beyond limitation into wholeness and fulfillment. Master Charles Cannon outlines the criteria by which an authentic master can be recognized and the role of the master throughout history.

Master Charles Cannon enhances his teaching of wakefulness by returning often to specific balancing techniques in order to create the vivid and dramatic experience of “a witnessing consciousness watching the experience that is happening as true reality.”

Class Eight: Live Audio Teleconference

Our eighth and final class of Course One is conducted live as a teleconference, accessed on-line or by phone. It’s an opportunity to meet, to ask questions, and to share our experiences of this first course. Options include posting questions during the live session of calling the number provided to ask questions directly and interact with the Course Facilitators.

As with every course, you are welcome to continue the conversation through questions and access class material until the end of the month at which point you are welcome to continue your study of Modern Spirituality through the next course.

Course Credits:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion.

A diploma from the School of Modern Spirituality will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of the curriculum courses. Such certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Meditation Group Leader or a Certified Synchronicity Teacher. For more information, click here

Courses are included in the Circle of One.