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Course Six: Break Through to Reality: The Socratic Process of Conflict Resolution

Yong-Man-with-Taking-Course2Presenters: Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Faculty

The Synchronicity Socratic Process of Inquiry has been created by Master Charles Cannon as a method for recognizing and disempowering the illusory "stories" in our lives. As he often says, "events happen and then there are the stories we tell about those events." This explains how your stories – whether they are accurate recollections of something that happened in fact or not – are turned into illusions by your ego-driven mind. The resulting reality is not real; it is virtual. This course gives you an in-depth understanding of how to use questions and apply the Socratic Process to dismantle your illusory stories and the virtual reality they have fabricated, in order to begin creating a truthful reality instead. The difference? True reality is experienced as what is termed “blissful consciousness.”

Courses are included in the Circle of One.


Class One: The Synchronicity Socratic Process of Conflict Resolution

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

This class introduces the Socratic Process as developed and applied by Master Charles Cannon in his teaching and mentoring. He carefully explains the mechanics involved, from the initial creation of illusion (your virtual reality) during the involutionary cycle, through the process of awakening into the evolutionary cycle. This is where awareness expands, allowing for the recognition and disempowerment of illusion, namely our stories about who we are and what life is.

holisticClass Two: The Mechanics of the Synchronicity Socratic Process of Inquiry

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan

This class simplifies and clarifies the process of how illusion is dismantled and true reality constructed. In order for students to understand what may seem like an esoteric process, faculty share their own accounts of confronting illusory stories they have carried about themselves (a virtual reality) and how they were able to process them using the Socratic method.

Class Three: The Synchronicity Socratic Process in Action

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan

In this class you will further explore the many ways the ego-driven mind creates stories and the mechanics of exactly how they determine your life experience. What you experience as “reality” is, in fact, being created moment by moment. For the most part this is an unconscious process... but that’s now about to change! Further examples of faculty stories will be shared in this session, as well as those submitted by present and past class members.

Class Four: The Resolution of Conflict Within and the Experience of Truth

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and Caroline Avant

This final class in the sixth course summarizes the Synchronicity Socratic Process of Inquiry in action. You will experience a guided session that teaches how to identify illusion, disempower it, and perceive truthful statements from the point of view of whether they actually deliver truthful experience, merely point to it, or unintentionally obscure it. Additional class questions are discussed to ensure that this vital process is fully understood and that students are prepared to begin practicing the Socratic Process to progressively shift their experience from virtual to true reality.

Class Five: Live Interactive Audio Teleconference

In this final class, you are invited to join the Synchronicity Staff for a live interactive session, accessed on line or by phone. The theme of the course will be briefly reviewed and faculty perspectives added, then student questions will be addressed and completed. You may participate by listening only, submitting questions before or during the session, and interacting with staff and students in live format.

As with every course, you are welcome to continue the conversation through questions and access class material until the end of the month at which point you are welcome to continue your study of Modern Spirituality through the next course.

Course Credits:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion.

A diploma from the School of Modern Spirituality will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of the curriculum courses. Such certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Meditation Group Leader or a Certified Synchronicity Teacher. For more information, click here

Courses are included in the Circle of One.