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Course Seven: Guidance and Friendship: The Role of the Master

Presenters: Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Faculty

Master Charles with Joe

The role of the spiritual master has been acknowledged throughout human history, especially in the East where enlightened consciousness, not amassing material wealth, is considered of ultimate value. By contrast, here in the West, we are authority phobic and the “master,” as an actual context for life experience, is entirely foreign. Our consciousness tends to be mired in what Master Charles Cannon refers to as “the material myth,” which we experience as egocentricity. This course delineates the role of the authentic master as an evolutionary necessity. You will learn how the master–disciple relationship works as holistic empowerment, and why personal evolution in individuated consciousness necessitates this relationship.

Courses are included in the Circle of One.


Class One: The Criteria for the Authentic Master

Presenter: Master Charles Cannon

The authentic master is honored in the East and virtually unknown in the West. Master Charles Cannon outlines the differences between authentic mastery and “intellectual enlightenment.” He explains the criteria of an actual authentic master, outlines the traditional role the master plays as an evolutionary necessity for the student, and delineates how this phenomenon is successfully unfolding itself here in the West.

04Class Two: The Role of the Master as Experienced Personally

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and Synchronicity Faculty

In this class you will study the personal experiences of Synchronicity Community members, individuals who live in close proximity to Master Charles Cannon, an authentic spiritual master. Questions are welcomed, so that you can begin to apply this principle in your own life. Throughout this course you have been developing your own relationship with Master Charles Cannon, and he with you. What makes this effective in your life is learning how this dynamic relates to everyday circumstances and your many other relationships. Having this new “context” can facilitate a remarkable break through into ease and certainty and liberate your creativity so that the truth of who you are can blossom into fuller authenticity.

Class Three: The Role of the Master as Experienced Personally, Part Two

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and the Synchronicity Faculty

The Synchronicity Faculty continues sharing their individual experiences in relationship with Master Charles Cannon. Student’s questions are fielded and Dr. Phil serves as moderator, summarizing the criteria that define the authentic spiritual master.

Class Four: The Role of the Authentic Master, Questions and Answers

Presenters: Dr. Phil Duncan and the Synchronicity Faculty

While the master student relationship is a normal, central part of life in the east, here in the west we are chronically “authority phobic.” Inevitably, this means that this final course concerning the role of the master “presses some buttons.” During the final class on this subject, you are invited to ask any questions you may have and Synchronicity Faculty will answer from their own personal experience of living in close proximity to Master Charles Cannon, and how this influences their own enlightening journeys.

Class Five: Live teleconference to complete this course

Presenters: Synchronicity Faculty

This class marks the end of the Modern Spirituality course series. During a live, interactive teleconference with Synchronicity Faculty (accessible on line or by phone) you will be able to ask any final questions and receive tips from faculty on how to best actualize what you have learned. You can also enquire about other Synchronicity programs and how to continue growing your association with the Foundation and your personal relationship with Master Charles Cannon.

As with every course, you are welcome to continue the conversation through questions and access class material until the end of the month at which point you are welcome to continue your study of Modern Spirituality through the next course.

Course Credits:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion.

A diploma from the School of Modern Spirituality will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of the curriculum courses. Such certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Meditation Group Leader or a Certified Synchronicity Teacher. For more information, click here

Courses are included in the Circle of One.