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Personal Mentoring with Master Charles Cannon

Have you ever wondered why your personal transformational process is so challenging? The reason is simple—you are trying to do it on your own, and an "eye" cannot clearly see itself.

In terms of modern spirituality, the master is a requirement for evolution in consciousness.

For over 12 years Master Charles Cannon has offered personal mentoring with himself. A group of Synchronicity Associates signed up at the beginning and have never left. His Personal Mentoring Program continues to thrive, and those who have stayed with it have witnessed a palpable and progressive experience of integrative wholeness and fulfillment. For these individuals, intentions of wholeness are actualized on a daily basis.

The perspective and testimonial of personal mentoring students to a person is, 'Personal Mentoring with Master Charles is the single most impactful choice one can make for personal transformation'.

Personal Mentoring with Master Charles is available in two contexts:

1. Direct Mentoring with Master Charles himself; and

2. Facilitated Mentoring through a Synchronicity Certified Mentoring Facilitator.

Master Charles' Direct Mentoring list is full, and there is a waiting list. You are welcome to register for the next available opening. For new Recognitions students who might desire this context, to be eligible for Direct Mentoring requires at least 6 months in Facilitated Mentoring. Thus, your initial best option is always Facilitated Mentoring with Master Charles.

In this context, Master Charles supervises his team of specially trained facilitators to work directly with you. You will assigned one of these facilitators with whom you will create an initial assessment of your high-tech meditation and holistic lifestyle experience, including areas of fulfillment as well as concern. Once per month, your facilitator will present your experience to Master Charles and relay his mentoring responses, insights and assignments directly to you. This is a progressive experience in which you will receive ongoing feedback to fine-tune your high-tech meditation practice and gain a more precise understanding of your holistic lifestyle living experience.

Facilitated Mentoring with Master Charles Cannon requires a six month commitment to the mentoring program, regular daily high-tech meditation practice of the Recognitions Program and participation in at least one week-long Stillpointe Retreat per year.

The cost of Facilitated Mentoring with Master Charles Cannon is $200 / month.

To learn more about this remarkable personalized experience in modern spirituality, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 757-644-3400, extension 3386.

Testimonials from Personal Mentoring Students:

blockquote start In my entire experience at Synchronicity, Personal Mentoring with Master Charles is my most important and impactful practice. I have chosen this experience for many years and it influences every day of my life. PD

blockquote start I have read in many books that the "eye" cannot see itself and a master is needed to guide the way. Many years ago I enrolled in personal mentoring with Master Charles and found out how right these books were. I could not be walking where my feet are today without his guidance. I am very grateful that I made this decision many years ago. I can truthfully say that I describe my life today as "happy for no reason" thanks to Master Charles. BG

blockquote start Two years ago I debated whether or not to spend the money for facilitated mentoring. At the time it was a big financial stretch. However, with encouragement of a friend I decided to go for it, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. How else do you get the opportunity to receive the direct guidance of an authentic master on a monthly basis? I am truly happier than ever before and am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in mentoring with Master Charles. CS

blockquote start There is no way I can completely express my gratitude for the experience of Personal Mentoring with Master Charles. My life has been totally transformed by this mentoring process. First, there is the guidance of the meditative journey from someone who has been through the journey and totally understands the nuances of it. Most powerfully, however, is the entrainment one receives from the authentic master -- from his holistic energetic-- his transmission. The process is profound. For me Personal Mentoring has been and continues to be the gift of a life time of grace—the gift of love. PSD